It is a patented technological system that allows you to combine the advantages of a raised access floor with those of radiant heating.

Thanks to the use of radiant heat exchangers, it is possible to obtain on the surfaces within an environment a constant average temperature of about 22/23 ° C.
Benefits compared to traditional flooring:

- optimal thermal insulation;
- low temperature vector fluid;
- perception of comfortable temperature;
- absence of convective motions;
- more spaces for furnishings;
- air conditioning at man height;
- high energy saving.

Watertight Technical

Raised flooring with special sealing of the perimeter joints of the panels with silicone elastomer, which allows to obtain a continuous surface impenetrable by external agents (liquids and solids).
In case of need of inspection to the plenum under floor for maintenance operations, it will be possible to remove the panels by cutting the sealant with a cutter.